Saturday, May 2, 2015

Crippling Medical School loans no way to Pay

The main problem I have with medical school loans is the fact that lenders are immune from our problems. They had zero risks by lending us up to a half million dollars because Congress made it so. If medical school graduates could not get a residency, disabled or die the loans are still due. You can start a business in the USA borrow 5 million dollars and go bankrupt free and clear. 
But go to medical school, pass and borrow 200k then pass all USMLE tests and then you cannot get a residency, congress does nothing. 

Over 5000 US physicians did not match if 2500 have the average student loans then the combined debt is 500,000,000.

We need congress to increase residency spots by at least 10,000 to help fill the need for physicians in the next 10 years.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Why is Emory creating Physician Assistant Residencies when we need Physician Residencies?

Why oh why do we need more physician assistant residencies? The is a huge shortage of Physician residencies. Thousands of Medical School graduates in the USA are going without residencies to complete training so they can enter the work force and fill the great need that is growing for Physicians.

Emroy University has put their money, public money and resources through the VA system towards Physician Assistant Residencies LINK

Veterans Administration Primary Care ResidencyThe Emory Physician Assistant Program and The Atlanta Veterans Affairs Medical Center are partnering to pilot a Primary Care Residency Program.   This training program, the first primary care PA Residency in the country, will include 12 months of didactic and clinical educational experiences focusing on Patient Aligned Care Team (PACT) concepts of clinical leadership, systems-based practice, chronic disease management, practice process improvement, patient engagement in their own care, and seamless, timely transitions of care between primary and specialty care. The PACT model is built on the well-known concept of the patient centered medical home (PCMH) staffed by high-functioning teams.  The goals of the training program includes implementation of a model PA post-graduate curriculum in the PACT delivery system, and delivery of an outstanding educational experience for residents to become VA employee leaders and change agents. The ultimate outcomes will promote improved outcomes in quality of care, patient and provider experience, and cost efficiency.The mission of the VA Residency Program for Physician Assistants is to prepare PA professionals to practice comprehensive, coordinated, patient-centered, team-based primary care.    Commitment to this mission will promote timely access to both primary and specialty care, improve quality of patient care and enhance the patient experience.  

Sounds and looks nobel right? Whats my problem? Physicians Assistants, while they benefit from this, do not need this to be Physicians Assistants. Physicians need residencies to be licensed, Physicians need Residencies. 
This is the ugly truth: some Physician Assistant advocates want them to replace your doctor. They are working towards Physician Assistants "Replacing" primary care physicians. Yes if you read the multiple blogs and web sites many Physician Assistants believe they are as knowledgeable and skilled as a Physician despite they did not go to medical school, despite they have not had the advanced training. 
A private in the Army does not become a general after 30 years of service, an assistant to a CEO does not become a CEO after 15 years of being an Assistant. Yet some Physician Assistants want to be Physicians without the degree for years of service. The insurance companies love Physician Assistants because they can pay them less than a doctor.
Years of experience in a job may = higher level of skill and knowledge in the focus of that job 
but does not = a higher level of Knowledge and Skill over all. So after years a PA (Physician Assistant) may be 
higher skilled and knowledgeable but it does not make them a Doctor. 
(I know there may be nasty rebuttals, but I believe America needs more Physicians in Primary care working with PAs and NPs, America does not need Physicians replaced, this does not make health care better)