Thursday, March 26, 2015


I'm an FMG where should I sign up for the 


All Foreign medical graduates are to go through ECFMG You will have to register and your school must be listed in WHO and IMED directories, also you will need to check California to see if the school is approved there in that state. If not on the California list you cannot be licensed there and it will be difficult in 3 to 4 other US states. 

Steps 1, 2 and CS are taken through ECFMG and you will be awarded an ECFMG certificate, you then can apply to the Residency match. Most (if not all US states) require an FMG to graduate a 3 year residency in the USA before License.


A reminder about Student Doc

Many years ago I started helping people at Student Doc,

I was so busy that I stopped for a little while.

You can still interact with me there now, (CaribMD) StudentDoc

I now visit at least once a week and read over the posts and respond.

Go there to post to me or to read the posts by myself or others, its a great place for FMG's and USMG's

See Ya!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

To those reading this who took repeats on USMLE

To those who took the USMLE step exams repeated, got better and better and studied harder and harder, you applied in the last match and or past matches and did not get one interview like me.

We need to stick together and our motto should be:

"I am more than a board score!"

I'm convinced that is why we are not given an interview, our multiple attempts and lower board score.

Everyone I speak with agrees a good doctor is a lot more than an exam score but programs more and more pick interviews based on one factor and screen based on that factor, the board score.

We need to make people aware of this.

Hang in there