Monday, August 10, 2015

Caribbean Schools 2015

I have given advice throught the years based on my experiences, so here is an update.

I attended the 2015 AAFP national conference and several things stuck out:

1. More Residencies are using the California approved medical school list. 
( you should know California has changed the licensure law since 2013, now graduates from unapproved schools may be licensed after review but gradutes from unapproved schools may not perform a residency in CA at this time.)

2. Scores below 200 will be screened out during the match process. 

3. Graduation from medical school by most residencies is 3 years and some 5 years and a few 2 years. It seems like 3 years and before is the best chance.

With these criteria I believe your Best option is of course a US school, if not then these following Caribbean Schools based on California:

LCME schools:

So far my research has lead to possible 6th school on Bonair:
IUSOM they may be approved by the Netherlands and if so then California is sure to Recognize them. They are listed in the new (2015) World Medical School Directory which has replaced WHO and IMED.  

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Hello Kansas City MO (AAFP convention)

OK so I just left Kansas City AAFP residency convention, what have I learned?

                                      I'm screwed.

Here's how a lot of it went:

"Hello I'm an FMG looking for................." Oh you may want to go to over there we usually do not match FMG's, last one was about 9 years ago I think from Puerto Rico ( not an FMG then).

"Hello I'm and FMG, I graduated in 2011...................." Oh sorry you must have graduated in the past 2 years, try that booth over there.

"Hello I'm an FMG, I graduated in 2011 looking for a great Family Medicine residency to mach in." Great let me get your name and we will send you information. "What is your criteria for application?" "Graduation i past 5 years, Board scores of 220 or higher 1st attempt........" Oh my scores are just under 200, I past all three steps but not on first attempt." Oh have you thought of doing something else? There are so many things you can do with your life. 

My favorite response was the group from Michigan: " Is your school on the California list? " No has the licensure law changed in Michigan?  "No but it might so unless your school is on the list we will not consider you."


I hate what is going on in medicine, its not about finding the right people its about finding the board score and the AMG.

Only a few programs I talked to said they would pull my application since they talked to me. I was honest, I past all three steps but not with high scores, I have had a hard road but believe I still can make a difference and work hard. I love medicine and patients.

I'm just asking for a spot and chance to finish a residency and serve a community.

If just one or two of those programs give me that interview then I know I have a shot and I will make the best of it.

I pray..............................................................