Monday, April 3, 2017

MY take on the 2017 Residency match

The 2017 Residency Match

Not so good for US match hopefuls. a 76% match rate. 

OK Dr Bill how did you come up with 76%? 

Unlike the NRMP I count all applicants who applied in September and the end match number. 

Why? Because the real competition you have to worry about is how many applications flood the programs looking for interviews.

NRMP does not count 

Withdraws, people withdraw more than likely because of no interviews
No Ranking, people do not rank more than likely because of no interviews

I count them

Also the match rate is US seniors who are in the match first time, US AMG reapplicants, US DO applicants and FMG US citizens are not counted in the "US Match rate"  

There were more more US applicants than offered Positions this year 


My data source 

All applied 
AMG MD Seniors            19030 Matched 18539
AMG MD Reapplicant     1819  Matched 677
AMG DO                         5000  Matched 2933
FMG US                          7149  Matched 2777

total                                 32998 Matched 24926

All PGY1 positions offered 28849

PGY1 28849- US (AMG MD & DO, FMG ) Matched 24926 = 3923 out of this 3814 Non US IMG matched leaving 109 positions

US total applied 32998- US matched 24926= 8072 unmatched 

Worse using 24926 US matched and  32998 US applied in September = 76% match rate  

Good luck next year 

Puerto Rico attempts to keep Physicians Lowers Taxes on income

Puerto Rico attempts to keep Physicians 

"La medida -que es parte de una serie de iniciativas que se estarán desarrollando eventualmente-, busca establecer una tasa fija de contribución sobre ingresos de 4% sobre las ganancias generadas por el profesional médico, como consecuencia del desempeño de su práctica médica por un término de 15 años. La tasa contributiva actual es de un 33%. PUBLICIDAD También propone una exención contributiva a los primeros $250 mil.
The measure, which is part of a series of initiatives that will be developing eventually, seeks to establish a fixed income tax rate of 4% on the profits generated by the medical professional as a result of the performance of his medical practice for a term Of 15 years. The current tax rate is 33%. ADVERTISING It also proposes a tax exemption for the first $ 250 thousand."

I was thinking after my Internship of practicing in Puerto Rico and now I have even more reason than my love for the island and people. 

Story Here and in English here 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

WOW after 6 years MATCHED

After going to medical school in 2005, white coat in 2007, US student loans pulled rug from under me and stopped lending, problems financing school and raising 3 children, then graduating in 2011, passing step 3 not matching all the time.

I can say I matched.

I will be an intern at Fajardo Hospital San Pablo in Puerto Rico 2017-18

I have taken the road less traveled in the past and now present.
Matching on the mainland USA is so messed up now, that my focus of Family Medicine, less than 50% of AMGs matched into! How? I have no idea since there are thousands of AMGs unmatched this year.
When did the US Match become the World Match?
More to Follow.....