Friday, July 21, 2017

Most days plus call


Most days during Internal Medicine start with arriving at 7:50am and doing "mini rounds" checking charts census on medical and both ICU floors, then if I have time a quick breakfast. Labs are ready around nine to review and chart, review new patients and start progress notes then go assess patients, attendings on this rotation come in between 12 and 4, mine 3:30 to 4.
If this is a call day, get notes written 100% because call is ER duty plus house officer.
Call starts at 4pm and its not unusual to see more than 10 patients in the ER over night. 4p-8a rarely we get to sleep 2-3 hours.

This is an internado, full Residency experience but no pay during, licensed after if all steps are passed.

Buenos días

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Recap my story, Buenos días

Buenos días

Soy William Hudson MD I am in my Intern year at Fajardo Hima Hospital Puerto Rico.


  I graduated from Medical school in 2011 and after being in the Match in US till 2016 and being passed over in FM I came to realize the US match is more about scores and attempts then people. I went to the AAFP conference 2 years in a row where most program directors said my scores would block my app from being seen by them and they could not "afford" to interview me because of that. One Memphis FM program (I know the Program Director) told me because I went to a Carribean Medical School they would not interview me.

I had a choice: RN since 1989 Trauma Nurse ER nurse home care and hospice till 2005 then instead of NP school Medical School and 200k in loans, now at 53 and a lot of observation time in Puerto Rico in a Residency. NP would have been easier, less money and would have finished years ago but its not better for who I care for or my personal growth and goals.

Just finished 3rd la guardia (on call) time for bed after 26 hours

Thank you
Mucho Gusto