Sunday, June 21, 2015

Two more Days and I'll be in Puerto Rico.

In two more days I'll be in Puerto Rico to interview for a residency there.
The residency is an Internado. This is a one year non ACGME residency to be licensed as a General Practice physician in Puerto Rico. 

There are at least a dozen hospitals in Puerto Rico who have these residencies.
The residencies start in July and January each year.
Some  pay a small stipend like 500 to 1000 a month and others pay nothing. 
One must do what I did, take a trip to Puerto Rico and apply at the hospitals all over the island.
They programs want 3 main things: USMLE steps 1,2 and CS completed. The applicant to speak at least basic Spanish and the applicant willing to stay and practice medicine in Puerto Rico. 

I'm  to stay and practice, Yo hablar espanol and I have already passed step 3. 

So I'm pretty hopeful.

You want more details on Internados in Puerto Rico find Residency Ready Physicians on Face book and ask to join. 

Update to follow next week. 

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Hola! What I'm doing now

So after passing step 3 first time in August 2014 and no interviews in the match I have decided on a different path.


RN since 1989
Graduated Medical School 2011
Passed all USMLE steps 2009-2014
Current Clinical Experience in Medicine

I have now decided since I can speak spanish ( hablar Espnaol) to apply to residencies in Puerto Rico. There are 1 year residencies in General Practice. Some pay a salary and others do not for that year.
After that residency you can apply to an ACGME residency or practice in Puerto Rico.

You must be able to speak some Spanish
You should consider staying in Puerto Rico after the residency.

Residencies are reluctant to match people who:
Do not intend to stay in Puerto Rico.
Do not speak any Spanish.

Quiero vivir y practicar en Puerto Rico

Currently waiting for 3 hospitals in Puerto Rico to contact me. 

Mi Madre vive en Puerto Rico veinte anos. 

If you are in Puerto Rico and know of any opening please let me know, Gracias