Monday, July 21, 2014

Step 3 Done (I pray)

Just took USMLE step 3 

What a Hot Mess!

10% of exam questions are drug ads and studies that are Fake! You have less than 60 seconds to read them then do some math in some cases or conclusions to answer! 

This test is luck! The Luck in guessing.

Hey USMLE how about real ads so these questions are real! 

So what we may have read them? 

Do you want knowledgable physicians or just lucky? 

Monday, June 2, 2014

Residency in the USA and the FMG

Its getting tougher, 

If your a FMG trying to get into a US residency you read this every year, but this coming year it really will be tougher.

Caribbean FMG's have a tough time in the residency match and they spend 2 years during medical school in the USA along side other US medical students performing clinicals.

Foreign physicians trying to gain experience in the USA can only perform observerships and many times these observerships are not enough.  Also FMG's must be aware of schemes to take their money and waste their time in useless so called observerships.

The 2015 match will see more US students than ever before fight for fewer residency spots than before.  

So what to do? I do not have the answers, I'm still trying to get into a residency myself.

You truly need to evaluate your goals. 

I'm still not giving up ( or giving in) but then again I'm an American and my family is here in the US. 

One thing is true, We need more residencies in the US so we can produce more practicing physicians to fill the shortages. 

Good Luck  

Step Three USMLE

Well, been studying for Step three and have completed about 400 questions in USMLE world bank. 

If you are going to study and take step three I would not do so without practicing with either Kaplan Q bank or USMLE World Q bank. 

Step three is not about medicine but about US Medical School Academics. You see its not about the practice of medicine as much as academics. My favorite practice question had an answer that we would never have in the clinic without further tests or information. 

"A 30 (something) yr old male comes to the clinic with a cough for 3 months. The cough is present in the morning when he goes jogging. He smoked a pack a day for 15 years and stopped three years ago.  He has mild hypertension and has been taking chlorthialdone daily. PO temperature is 97.8 Blood Pressure is 130/78 Respiration 10 Pulse 78 no wheezes or rhonchi, lungs clear. No murmurs heard. Coughing induced when he deep breaths. What is the cause of the cough? "

Drum roll please


Yes because this patient coughs when he deep breaths he has Asthma.

No wheezing
No prior evidence of asthma

but because he smoked he now has asthma ( not COPD) 

No Pulmonary function tests, Nada, you are expected to know the cough is caused by asthma here.

So without practicing with the Q banks you may not do so well on step three. ( or one or two) 

There are a lot of questions like this, little info and you must "Leap" into an answer. "The most likely answer". Unlike real practice where we do not assume without clinical evidence to back us up, this test is full of questions you must assume the answer. 

I learn a lot from the practice and soon hope to pass this test. 

Good Luck