Thursday, April 3, 2014

No Such thing as race, it has been proven

No Such thing as Race, the differences between us are very very small.

It boils down to how you are raised and your enviroment for people without genetic diseases.
From the human genome project:

Among the heightened expectations generated by the
Human Genome Project (hereafter, HGP), scientists optimistically claimed that
the project would provide definitive answers to enduring questions concerning
the scientific status of ‘race’ as a biological category. Indeed, following the completion
of a draft map of the human genome in June 2000, Craig Venter (Head of
Celera Genomics, and chief private scientist involved with the HGP) claimed that
his analysis of the genomes of five people of different ethnicities had demonstrated
that ‘race’ was not a scientifically valid construct.

Despite the above people still want to continue the race issue and keep us divided. Physicians have always treated all people and all races, its time we understand that we are one race, HUMAN. 


Saturday, March 29, 2014


What is SOAP for an IMG? Mostly if you did not interview then a waste of time. 

In years past the SCRAMBLE was done with a list of unfilled programs and you faxed/Called programs with a chance for interviews and possible position.

Now SOAP is conducted by the NRMP and ERAS, you have to register for both, you have to submit your application through ERAS, so the programs have software to block applications due to:

Year of graduation
Attempts on USMLE
Score on Step one and Step two
Needing a J1 Visa 

This past year I saw less than 30 open positions after SOAP 

Obama Care Question?

I believe that President Obama and his "Crew" think that if you have insurance then you are covered and that is the problem................

The people who are below poverty level always had Free Health Care

The people who are in between income of Middle class and Poverty do not and Obama Care has failed to cover them.

Having insurance and paying high premiums with High deductible does no good if: 

You cannot afford the copays
You cannot find a provider to see you with your insurance coverage

So what will the Health Care Act really do if 

We do not cover everyone
Insurance is not accepted by most 
Most people cannot afford the copays?