Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My new inexpensive Otoscope "Dr. MOM PRO"

Yes yes I bought a Dr. Mom Pro

Its light 
Single AA Alkaline Battery 

The Battery will last a long time 
The LED Light will last  a long time 
The handle is made of aircraft aluminum 

I have used it for the past 10 days and its good enough for professional use, at less than $40 USD it costs way less than most other otoscopes.

I feel this scope is great for travel and mission trips

Disposable Speculum  photo DRMOM4_zps7354c72d.jpg  photo DRMOM5_zps6108d176.jpg

Unscrew the head and you have an Exam light  photo DRMOM2_zpse87c7b13.jpg

 photo DRMOM3_zpsd0ae5042.jpg

I will post again in 6 months to report how it holds up, so far I'm using it everyday at least 10 exams 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

No Such thing as race, it has been proven

No Such thing as Race, the differences between us are very very small.

It boils down to how you are raised and your enviroment for people without genetic diseases.
From the human genome project: 

Among the heightened expectations generated by the
Human Genome Project (hereafter, HGP), scientists optimistically claimed that
the project would provide definitive answers to enduring questions concerning
the scientific status of ‘race’ as a biological category. Indeed, following the completion
of a draft map of the human genome in June 2000, Craig Venter (Head of
Celera Genomics, and chief private scientist involved with the HGP) claimed that
his analysis of the genomes of five people of different ethnicities had demonstrated
that ‘race’ was not a scientifically valid construct.

Despite the above people still want to continue the race issue and keep us divided. Physicians have always treated all people and all races, its time we understand that we are one race, HUMAN.